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Fortunately, there is a store called six blocks from my house that specializes in kratom.I spoke with a very knowledgeable employee by the name of Alanna Donovan about different strains, dosages, and whether or not she thought I would get addicted to it.Mitragynine, the major alkaloid in kratom, is a partial opioid agonist producing similar effects to morphine.An interesting minor alkaloid of kratom, 7-hyrdoxymitragynine, has been reported to be more potent than morphine.Both kratom alkaloids activate supraspinal mu- and delta- opioid receptors, which is the main reason the plant alleviates withdrawal symptoms so well.The patient of mine that told me about kratom said it helped her come off methadone by reducing This piqued my interest to say the least.These are also opioid agonists, and they tend to eliminate opiate withdrawal symptoms and cravings especially well.The only problem is that many individuals are now stuck on these powerful medications, due to them being a lot harder to come off than one might think.

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After experimenting with kratom dosages and strains, I’ve found that taking 9-10 grams of powder is the perfect amount to stimulate the mu- opioid receptors.I went through opiate withdrawal many times over the span of a few years, and I never once heard of kratom.It wasn’t until I cleaned up and became a Substance Abuse Counselor at an Opiate Treatment Program that I finally learned about kratom for opiate withdrawal from a patient of mine that had used it to get off methadone in the past.The difference between kratom’s affinity for either delta- or mu- receptors depending on the dosage is most likely why the effects go from stimulating to sedating.

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At lower dosages of about 3-7 grams, kratom has more stimulating and mood-enhancing effects.

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